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“You Don’t Bring Me Flowers” #barbrastreisand

Nothing says “Classic Romance” like red roses

So many customers struggle with the #weddingfloral dilemma. I often hear, “florals are so expensive, should I just skip them?”. Many brides are considering this possibility now a days, but consider this...

When do we see floral arrangements? They are present for #weddings, #funerals, #ValentinesDay, #awardspresentations and in the most opulent hotels. Nothing says special occasion like flowers and your wedding is the MOST special occasion.

We can help you figure out the best way to fit them into your budget. Perhaps you have a focal area like your #ceremonyarch or #sweethearttable? In a #LasVegasWedding, so much can be done by choosing the right flowers for the season or area. We can help use the florals you want in multiple locations or moments throughout the event.

There are many ways to get that bang for your buck. Let us help your #LasVegasEvent have that special once in a lifetime look... on your terms!

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